Seamless charge experiences for your EV driver customers

We turn raw data into tactical intelligence that enables you to create seamless charging experiences for your EV driver customers.

Sealmless charging experience

Offer unique user experience

Up to 84 % fewer detours for ev drivers

Delight existing customers, attract new customer groups

Running an MSP service is demanding

Operating an MSP service is hard

because maintaining the essential feature of a charging app is already complicated and a full-time job for you and your team.

Building new features is difficult

and can be also frustrating. You are wondering how you will ever be able to develop and test new cool features that provide special user experience to stand out from other services.

There is not enough time

and resources to start big development projects to further improve app features and enhance user experience.

External agencies are expensive

which makes you hesitant to start working with them, because you don’t know if the money is worth spending for new features.

Complexity of operating an ev app should not block further innovation

The operation of necessary functionality should not prevent you from continuing to develop your service for your users in order to accelerate the adaptation of emobility.

We care about the charging experience of your ev drivers

We know how challenging it is to run an msp service and then also develop new features that users love.

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Awards & Programs

This is part of the AI4Cities project that has received funding from the European Union ́s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No 871914.

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User experiences as a service

Charging recommendations for your EV driver customers

We enable e-mobility service providers to create enhanced user experiences for EV drivers in their apps by providing “charging recommendations”.

Our availability prediction and anomaly detection avoids bad charging experience at public charging infrastructure.

The results are actionable information like:
“this charge point is not available at 3:15 pm.”

This reduces detours of EV drivers drastically, when trying to charge their EV.

In our field study, EV drivers in Helsinki have experienced 84% fewer detours using our charging recommendation service compared to EV drivers not using it.

User experience enhancement plan

The following 3 steps enable eMSP to save their customers
from bad experiences at public charging infrastructure.

1. Schedule a discovery meeting

Find out what charging recommendations are, how they are created, and what possibilities are there to protect EV users from bad charging experiences with charging recommendations.

2. Select appearance in the frontend

Choose the display format of charging recommendations in the frontend of your own MSP service based on our ready-to-use templates and recommendations.

3. Connect service via API

Connect the service via our easy-to-integrate API. We deliver ready-made user stories for development.

4. Enhance user experience

Display the charging recommendations in a test environment or a beta group and publish the service afterwards to all your customers.

We guarantee you

Scientific standards

Our service is developed by experts in the field of artificial intelligence, which ensures you highest quality of service.


Easy to integrate

Our service is easy and fast to integrate and flexible to deploy via a REST API.

Ease-of-mind operation​

As AI-as-a-Service provider, we take all the tedious data science work off your shoulder and provide it to you as simple software integration for your products.

User experience ZERO to HERO


Frustrated EV drivers and angry service hotline calls because your service sends them to busy and broken charging infrastructure – even though it is not your fault.


Dramatically fewer detours and less time waiting at public charging infrastructures for your EV driver customers.

User experience ZERO to HERO

Fronyx aviods the annoyes of arriving at occupied charge points.​

“Fronyx’s AI algorithms are specialized to avoid the bad charging experience by avoiding directing EV drivers to charging infrastructure that is occupied when they get there.”

Prof. Dr. Malte Schilling
Universität Münster, Germany

Our offer


Like ChatGPT, just for EV drivers.

  • Charging Recommendation: Enable your EV drivers customers to tell you about their plans and give them a recommendation where to charge.
  • Provide recommendations for over +330k charging points in real-time for Europe.
  • Direct connectivity to the frontend of your service.

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