1. What is ChargeGPT? 
    ChargeGPT is an advanced AI-powered feature that can be integrated into e-mobility solutions. It utilizes natural language processing to understand and respond to user queries, making the interaction with charging apps and services more intuitive and efficient. ChargeGPT can assist with finding charging stations, troubleshooting, and much more.
  2. What is the Public Beta of ChargeGPT? 
    The Public Beta of ChargeGPT is a place for experimentation. It may include different functionality at different points in time and its answers can be surprising. It comes with no warranties and no liability.
  3. How can I use ChargeGPT? 
    ChargeGPT is offered as a business solution to improve charging apps and e-mobility services. If you want to add ChargeGPT to your own products and services, please reach out to the fronyx team.
  4. How does ChargeGPT ensure the privacy and security of user data? 
    ChargeGPT is designed with user privacy and data security as top priorities. It complies with all relevant data protection regulations in the EU. Personal data is never shared without explicit consent.
  5. How does ChargeGPT ensure ethical AI use?
    ChargeGPT is built strong commitment towards the EU’s ethical AI framework as well as the upcoming EU AI Act by implementing transparent AI practices and actively mitigating bias, thus upholding fairness and accountability.